Emergency Procedure

The escape room trilogy

about 80 minutes

best player count:
1-3 (more is possible)


Point and Click

play world:
open: can include actions outside of the game screen.

PC browser game. Web connection necessary.


In this series we're going to follow the footsteps of a mysterious journalist, called Anne. She is taking on a criminal consortium, trying to unveil and stop their dangerous crimes.

English translation

To keep the local vibe of the game, we deliberately chose to record all the audio with german natives. We thought this would give a nice touch. But don't worry, we won't yell Achtung at you all the time.

This organisation has not only committed lots of environmental crimes; it also seems that there is something much bigger ahead. Anne made up her very own risky plan to stop the consortium. But something went wrong...

Your team at the screen(s) will play the role of her rather unhurried assistant, called Sascha. He is a lover of puzzles and challenges - just like you, probably.

But he will soon have to prove that there's more to him than just pointing and clicking. That said... he needs your help!

List of episodes

We all love our stories sliced into three digestable parts, don't we? So we decided to make a trilogy too, in order to have more time and space for story and puzzles.

Episode 1: Emergency Procedure

Escape Room to play at home - emergency procedure

The first part revolves around a mysterious emergency signal, which has been sent directly to you! To uncover what has happened to Sascha's Boss, Anne, you have to solve loads of puzzles. What happened to her, and what is that mysterious emergency procedure?

Can you pick up her trace?

This episode, just like the others, contains a great variety of puzzles and tasks. Some classical escape room puzzles, some we would rather call digital puzzles, and others... well, you'll see!

first published in english 08/2020


Episode 2: Under Ground

Episode 2 title image

The second part takes us deeper into the story. While we are trying to follow Sascha in his puzzle-filled effort to find and rescue his boss Anne, we also learn that there might be a way to stop the consortium. Or is there?

Find the secret headquarters!

english version first published in 11/2020

Winner of the Bullseye Award 2020 in the "best storyline in an escape online game" category


Episode 3: The heart of the mountain

Cover image of part three

In the third part we are going to take a big trip to save lots of lives. Lots of new scenes and surprises make up a finale that no real escape room could offer!

Put on your hero gloves and hit the puzzle road to stop that dangerous consortium!

Again, this game contains a great variety of puzzles and tasks for you and your team. We put great effort in making the puzzles thematic and tie them into the story.

english version first published in 03/2021


Was unsere Spieler sagen: Bewertungen und Meinungen

"Spybrain's games would be the first point-n-click type of game that we truly felt the immersion. It seamlessly combined storytelling and puzzles through beautifully illustrated artwork."


Read complete review on escapetheroomers.com.

"We liked it so much that we instantly played all three parts of the story!!!"

Emma on Instagram (translated from german)