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Best for 1-3 players (but not limited).

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About 80 to 100 minutes of playing time (but not limited).

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Award Badge for best storyline 2020

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Our online escape games have been designed to be played on your computer or laptop. They are a mixture of escape rooms with their great variety of puzzles and tasks, and classic adventure games with their audio storytelling and detailed handpainted scenes.

a hand painted game scene
"Spybrain's games would be the first point-n-click type of game that we truly felt the immersion. It seamlessly combined storytelling and puzzles through beautifully illustrated artwork."


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The trilogy

We all love our stories divided into three parts, don't we? So we decided to make a trilogy too, in order to have more time and space for story and puzzles. In this series of puzzle games we will be following a mysterious science journalist. She is taking on a criminal consortium, trying to unveil and stop their dangerous crimes.

Your team will play the role of her rather unhurried assistant, called Sascha. He is a lover of puzzles and challenges - just like you, probably - but he will soon have to prove that there's more to him than just pointing and clicking. That said... he needs your help!

Available episodes

  1. Title image of part 1, emergency procedure

    The first part,
    "Emergency Procedure",
    revolves around uncovering what has happened to Sascha's Boss, Anne. Where has she gone, and what is that mysterious emergency procedure?

    This episode, just like the others, contains a great variety of puzzles and tasks. Some classical escape room puzzles, some we would rather call digital puzzles, and others... well, you'll see!

    english version first published in 08/2020

  2. Title image of part 2, under ground

    The second part,
    "Under Ground",
    takes us deeper into the story. While we are trying to follow Sascha in his puzzle-filled effort to find and rescue his boss Anne, we also learn that there might be a way to stop the consortium. Or is there?

    english version first published in 11/2020

    Winner of the Bullseye Award 2020 in the "best storyline" category

  3. Title image of part 3

    In the third part, "The heart of the mountain", we are going to take a big trip to save lots of lives. Lots of new scenes and surprises make up a finale that no real escape room could offer!

    Again, this game contains a great variety of puzzles and tasks for you and your team. We put great effort in making the puzzles thematic and tie them into the story, so you can immerse yourself into the story - if you like.

    english version first published in 03/2021

English translation

Our games are originally produced and published in german. There is lots of spoken text, and some written text, involved. This takes extra time and effort to translate properly, and to avoid errors. Thank you for your understanding. And also a big thank you to all those who helped in the process!

And in case you are wondering: we deliberately chose not to hire native english speakers as narrators. We wanted to keep the original vibe and the feeling, and we believe a gentle german accent serves that purpose well.

How do online escape rooms work?

Online escape games are not a lackluster escape game surrogate for times of Covid19 self isolation. They are an exciting game format of their own, and a great alternative to real life escape games.

Basically, there are two types of online escapes:

Our first game's title image
  • a Point and click escape room is a game designed in a point-and-click style to be played on a screen.
  • Virtual escape rooms let you take control of an actor who will move around in a real live room escape - instead of yourself.

If you have read the text above, you might have guessed already: our trilogy is of type 1. That means you won't be commanding our poor game masters with headcams.

Play them at home on your own laptop or computer, play them alone or with your team of friends or family. Gather around the screen, or get together with your friends around the globe via video chat to join the game in real time.

The most important thing is: we offer a unique blend of thematic puzzles in a beautiful, handpainted environment, lots of details, and an exciting and charming little story. All combined should give you about 80 minutes of playtime - although time is not limited, so you can just play at your own pace.


  • Number of players: ideally 1-3
  • Playtime: not timed, but estimated 80 mins.
  • automatic savegames
  • play on multiple screens, play from around the world

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By the way: thank you!

By buying our online games, as well as booking our real life escape rooms, you are supporting our little business in these difficult corona-times.

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