Escape Room Gift Cards and other Products

Gift cards

On this page you'll find a quick overview of all the gift cards or vouchers and other products we have to offer. You can purchase escape room gift cards of different values (like for example for our online games) as well as for certain player counts. Later, after choosing a room and a date, just enter your gift card code when booking.


In case you'd like to wrap your present in nice Spybrain style packaging, we have got a slowly growing and ever changing assortment of special gift card boxes. At this moment we would like to offer our retro packaging. Read on further down the page to learn more.

You'll find answers to your questions about buying or redeeming your gift codes further down this page.

Still available: our retro gift box

Like to spice up your present? Get our Spybrain Retro Gift Box (see picture above). Just put your gift code into it, and do not forget to write a nice message too! This gift box is an original "good old" cassette tape box. So surely nobody will stop you from recording a birthday message or an elaborate mixtape to go with your present!

Spybrain Gift Card Retro Package

While purchasing your vouchers just add the retro packaging. Please remember giving us your postal address, so we can send your box to you. This usually takes a few days. If you're in a real hurry, please get in touch with us to see what is possible.

Pricing for this retro box is 5€, including postal charges.


At this moment any physical products will only be shipped within Germany. If you would like to get one of these anyway, please get in touch with us to find a solution.

Questions regarding gift cards

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