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Because of the Covid 19 restrictions our escape rooms currently cannot be booked. But of course you can

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  • suitable for large groups up to 7 resp. 8 players!
  • 80 minutes extra long game!
  • exciting stories in a friedly atmosphere

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Reach out to us via our contact form, call us or send us a message via SMS / WhatsApp:

01577 - 153 28 56

Unsere Preise

No. of playersplayer...group...
2 players (please get in touch with us before you make a booking)45,- €90,- €
3 players30,- €90,- €
4 players27,- €108,- €
5 players25,- €125,- €
6 players23,- €138,- €
7 players22,- €154,- €
8 players22,- €176,- €
family ticket*from 90,- €*

*looking for an escape room suitable for children? Look no further! Learn more about our family tickets for our magical music machine, directly in the booking form. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

What is an escape room?

These Exit Games (you might as well know them as room or live escape games, live action adventures... you get the point) are an exciting team game for you, your friends or family.

How it works:

We're going to send you on a mission. You have 80 minutes to solve all puzzles and complete all tasks. In a crazy but cozy szenery your team will find mysterious codes, use secret clues and discover magical mechanisms. Time just rushes past while you're sunk into the game, but beware: your team has to work together! You can only succeed and finish the mission as a team!

Opening times, prices, any question? Check out our info page.

Who is Spybrain

We opened our first live room escape game in Cologne in 2017. Our philosophy has always been: we want to build games that we would love to play ourselves: exciting and variable puzzles and tasks and an excellent "game flow". Bright rooms (one of only few escape locations with actual daylight in the playing areas - children and grown-ups love daylight), much space (and thus suitable for larger groups of 3-8 players), with thematic and challenging puzzles, new storys and a bit of humour.

All of our games have been designed by our own design team, all rooms have been built by ourselves - this means our exit games are absolutely unique. And thanks to our good location in the middle of the Cologne "Südstadt" (southern district) it's never more than a little stroll to a variety of great pubs and restaurants.
So there's nothing to stop you from visiting us as soon as you can, right?

Want to know even more about Spybrain?
Learn more about us.


Live Room Escapes are a fantastic activity for every occasion:

  • Christmas party, new year's party (if you don't do christmas parties...)
  • Birthdays
  • Day out with your family
  • starting your stag party in Cologne
  • team building events, corporate events
  • spicing up your city tour - Cologne has more to offer than just a cathedral
  • well, just any occasion