Escape Rooms in Cologne

3 to 8 players - 80 minutes - unique puzzles

Escape Room 1:
Magical Music Machine

Activate the crazy machine to save yourselves and our town!

for 3-8 players

80 minutes


Escape Room 2:
The Traveller

Get on board for an exciting journey in a mysterious laboratory!

for 3-7 players

80 minutes


Special: Escape Room for kids

Attention: This offering is available in german only!

5-8 kids ages 10 and up

80 minutes


online escape games

Play real escape room puzzles at home

Multiplayer Mode

about 80 minutes playtime

Features and Highlights

variable team sizes

great for large groups of up to 7 players (the traveller) or even up to 8 players (magical music machine). But of course, excellent for small teams too!

80 minutes of playing time

extra long - more than the usual 60 minutes, and there's plenty to discover!

Exciting Stories

All of our innovative puzzles are embedded in exciting, engaging and fun stories. So if you're fed up with sudokus, or you've had enough of Harry Potter, visit us in Cologne to see what else is out there.

friendly atmosphere

We even have daylight in our rooms. Well, that's supposing you visit us at daytime.

Hygiene Concept

Of course we have one. Learn more about our hygience concept - so we all stay safe and healthy

Gift cards and products

We have gift cards in lots of sizes. Find your perfect present here!

Lots of options

packagings (only within Germany)

Get in touch!

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Unser Warteraum in Köln
Bild von Musikinstrumenten
Live Escape Kulissen passend zu Thema und Story
Ein Blick in ein verlassenes Spiel-Zimmer
Ein Schloss

More about Spybrain?

How long is a game? What's the price? What are the opening times?

Frequently asked questions like these are answered here.

Who built these rooms, who designed puzzles and online games?

Learn more about us on this page (currently only if you learn german before).

Can we reach your location via mass transit?

Here's a map.

How do digital escape games work? What are the stories?

Play our games at home.

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English language room escape games in Cologne - at Spybrain Escape?

Well yes, obviously. If you've read this far, you probably figured that out yourself, didn't you? ;)!


Live Room Escapes - a fantastic activity for any occasion

Christmas or New Year's events

Birthdays, Anniversaries

Day out with your family

Starting your stag party in Cologne

Team building events, corporate events

Spicing up your city tour - Cologne has more to offer than just a cathedral, and it's near other popular destinations like Dusseldorf and Bonn

See? Just any occasion!