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Escape Room in Cologne (Köln)

✓ room for 3-8 players   ✓ 60 minutes play time   ✓ innovative and unique puzzles

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Overview: Our Escape Games in Cologne

Certified and well-reviewed: our puzzle rooms

Highlight in Cologne: escape rooms for all ages and levels of experience

You want to give someone an unforgettable experience or you are planning a day out with the whole family? Then look no further: at Spybrain, we even have the option to modify one of our rooms to be suitable for families - that means, with adjusted difficulty suitable for children ages 11 to 14. This way a group of children can play (with an accompanying adult), so that your the little ones can beat our exciting games, too.

In addition to that, our products are also enjoyable from far away: Check out our online escape games and find a genuine escape room experience on your home screen: Ideal for teams whose members live in different locations.

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Online Escape Games

Bad weather? Get real escape room puzzles to your home computer.

Thanks to our multiplayer mode you can play together with your friends all over the world.

We have got our whole three episode thriller available for you in english.

Player count: 1-4

Difficulty: varying


No. of puzzles:

image from the magical music machine

Special: Version for kids (DE)

Birthday party in an escape room? Of course it works!

Delve into a fun local story and solve loads of exciting puzzles – accompanied by parents or not.

We can make this possible by adjusting puzzles and their difficulties according to the age of our young guests. The magical music machine is ready for your birthday party!

Player count: 3-8

Difficulty: varying


No. of puzzles:

How does an escape game work?

Generally speaking, it is easier played than explained - as soon as the door closes behind you, you'll realize that in the next hour teamwork and cleverness are the only skills that will make your mission a success. But don't panic: you will not be locked up in the room. And if necessary, our trained game masters will be there for you to help you with a well-timed clue. Thanks to those inconspicuous-looking cameras in our escape rooms, we always know whether you need a hand.

Got the picture? If you have further questions, please also take a look at our FAQ section.

What makes an escape room so unique?

variable team size

Just meeting a few friends, or organizing a big family event? At Spybrain we're absolutely flexible: play in teams of 3 to 7 persons – depending on the escape room you chose you can even have your adventure with 8 players (magical music machine room only).

60 minutes of playing time - for even more fun

Regular exit games typically last a maximum of 60 minutes. But we want you to have more game and more fun, and that's why we are giving you 20 extra minutes – without being more expensive.

Exciting stories

Enough of the same scenarios over and over again? Tired of Harry Potter and Indiana Jones? Then you've come to the right place - our innovative rooms present you with tricky tasks that you can only solve if you are willing to think outside the box!

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Gutscheine sind das perfekte Geschenk nicht nur für Weihnachten

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digital escape rallye

Outdoor Escape Rallyes (DE)

Currently we have to city rallyes on offer in Cologne. Solve puzzles outside in the fresh air and find your own time slot.

Rallyes are only available in german at the moment.

✓ choose your own time

✓ 2-6 players

✓ play via smartphone app

✓ about 3km of walking distance and about 2 hours of playing time

That special escape room: watch out, Cologne!

Everything you need to know before your game starts: our frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Your visit to Cologne: timing is everything

You don't need a reason to play an escape room. But anyways, our games are perfect for a lot of occasions!

stag party / hen's night

Get your team together with an exciting start into your great day

Christmas / New Year's

Time to start a new tradition

Family trip, children's birthday

We have a game for groups of kids!

Birthday, anniversary

We'll take care you won't forget your party.

Work outing, team building

solve exciting mysteries and grow together as a team.

City trip

An exciting addition to your sightseeing visit.