Escape Room Gift Cards and other Products

A voucher for a room escape game in Cologne? What a great gift!

Birthday, anniversary - whatever it is you would like to celebrate: An escape room gift card definitely is an excellent idea. Buy your voucher online and get your code by e-mail. A stylish packaging can be added and delivered within Germany.

How do our gift cards work?

Buy voucher

Browse the shop and pick the voucher with the desired value.

Found it? Throw it into the shopping basket, finish payment, and then: give it to your loved ones!

After finishing your purchase you will receive an automatic mail from us, containing the code. You can enter this code when booking a room or buying a game later.

Redeem voucher

When you have received a voucher with a code, you can redeem it in the booking / purchasing process.

Questions regarding gift cards and vouchers

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How long are gift cards valid?

Can I redeem several codes in one purchase?

What methods of payment are there?

Can I use my gift card for any of Spybrain's products, like escape rooms or online games?

How do I redeem my gift card?

Can I return my gift card or voucher?