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Online Escape Games: Our Browser Games

Get our adventures on your home screen - thanks to our online escape games. ALl you need is your browser and maybe a few fellow players. The best thin is: you do not even have to sit inside the same room! With one single game code all your team can participate in the game, without download or installation. Now is the time to play our exit games at home - just pick your game or episode and generate a game code. Go on your next adventure with us!

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Everything you need to know about our online escape games

Solve escape puzzles on your screen

It's an interactive Escape Game for PC or laptop: find codes and objects in the hand-drawn scenes, and listen how the story unfolds, told by professional voiceover artists. Keep looking for hidden clues, and with every puzzle you solve delve deeper into the mystery.

No time limit

Play as long as you want, take a break whenever you need it. Your virtual game will wait for you and save your progress for you.

Most groups take about 60 to 80 minutes for the game, depending on experience.

Play together per multiplayer mode

Our online escape games are designed in a way that you can play with several players. It does not matter whether you're sitting around one screen or sharing the game code to play remote from different places. You only need a computer with internet connection!

Scene from Emergency Procedure

Emergency Procedure

Our award-winning mystery miniseries with three episodes

Follow the footsteps of a vanished journalist and help her assistant to fulfil the task: stop the criminal consortium!

Solve numerous challenging puzzles with 60-100 mins of playtime per episode.

Player count: 1-4



number of puzzles:

How does an online escape room work?

Digital escape room games for the browser are an excellent alternative to a real live escape room adventure. Our games are a mixture of escape rooms with their great variety of puzzles and tasks, and classic adventure games with their audio storytelling and detailed handpainted scenes. That means you can expect some challenging puzzles you could imagine in a real escape room in your town, but also some new challenges that make use of the medium. New and exciting puzzles await you while beautiful hand-drawn scenes and charming voiceover artists immerse you into the exciting adventure story.

All our games begin with a short tutorial, so inexperienced players are not left alone. Generally speaking, this is how it works:

  1. Find hidden clues in the illustrations
  2. Carefully listen to audio puzzles
  3. Follow the story to create connections and solve tasks
  4. Use every possibility the medium offers. Which ones? Well, we won't spoil the surprise, will we!?

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Exit games online, made in Cologne - questions and answers

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