Magical Music Machine

The music escape room in Cologne

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60 minutes

Lots of puzzles, lots of playtime, lots of fun

3-8 players

Just as suitable for small groups as it is for large groups

14 years and up

We can adjust this room to suit groups of children of ages 11 and up

medium difficulty

Beginners or small groups: more like 4/5

Pros or experienced large groups: 2-3/5

The Magical Music Machine: there's something about it...

The whole city of Cologne is in danger of being hypnotised. But there is an antidote: a magical machine.

Uncover the secrets of the crazy music school and save our town!

Image of musical instruments Live Escape sets fitting theme and story Official Team photo - Cologne is saved once again

what makes it special?

perfect balance of play styles

Classical padlocks meet hilarious retro gadgets

extra fun

...this room is known for having a large number of puzzles

exciting but relaxing

No jump scares, no shock effects: suitable for families with kids, too


Great number of thematic puzzles and tasks. There’s something for everybody: challenging brain twisters and fun actions for the whole team.


Excellent for large groups of up to 8 players. And most of the time, there are several open tasks!

playable in english

You can also play this escape room in english. The game itself is almost entirely language independent. And we prepared for the rest that is not!

Background: Our Music Escape Room


This whole city is about to get hypnotized! But wait: there might be an antidote.

It is a mystical old machine that is said to have magical powers. It’s hidden in a little, and a little crazy, music school located in Cologne. And strange things have happened there before...

Back then, in the wild sixties, a bunch of musicians came together to create an experimental magical instrument. When they were done, they decided to hide it. Why, you're asking? Well, this magical instrument developed a special kind of power, so it should not get into the wrong people’s hands!

On the other side, when it is in the right hands, the machine can cause a lot of good things. And this is why it is urgently needed right now: because the city of Cologne is in great danger! A bunch of sinister conspirators try to hypnotize the whole town and take control over its people.

But they are not expecting your team!

Your Mission:

The magical music machine is waiting to be activated. You must use it in order to prevent the crime and save the city. But beware: it’s not for everyone to play this mighty instrument. And moreover, it’s well hidden!

Can you find and activate the magical music machine in time?

Escape Room props - it's our old harmonium Prop picture

Game Concept

The main focus of our escape rooms is fun. It’s the balance of small and large, easy and difficult puzzles that make for a great playing experience for you.

The game is structured in a way that in almost every situation there are several tasks your team can work on simultaneously. This makes the game so well-suited for large teams, too. We mixed in elements of classic escape rooms, like locks and codes, and some other retro or vintage stuff. This is combined with some surprising and exciting technical effects. Of course, we cannot tell you in advance which ones these are. You’ll have to find out yourselves!

In every instance we tried to embed the puzzles into the story and theme. It’s not the easiest claim to fulfil, but we are quite convinced we did a good job. Why not visit us and see it yourselves!


In case of the magical music machine we opted for enough room and light. This way you get a pleasant and enjoyable environment to immerse yourselves in the game and story. This room is also one of not too many games with daylight (at daytime, at least…). Furthermore this is a room without jump scares and shock effects (though of course we can not stop you from scaring each other) and the exit door stays unlocked all the time. But having such a nice atmosphere, who would leave early?! We’ve heard people say, this is the most hilarious escape room not only in Cologne…

Authors and Designers

All puzzles and tasks have been developed by the Spybrain design team and are therefore completely unique.

Would you like to learn more about us (currently german only)?

Can you save our town?

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