The Traveller

a science fiction themed escape room

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60 minutes

As usual: more game for the money.

3-7 players

Excellent experience for small and large groupd.

16 years and up

A game that challenges your brain and team skills.


Beginners or small groups: more like 5/5

Pros or experienced large groups: 3/5

People are disappearing around the world!

A mysterious journalist apparently figured what is behind this - until she vanished herself.

Now you are the last chance to save humankind!

Scene from the traveller, Spybrain's sci fi room Picture of something emitting mysterious light Live Escape sets at Spybrain


no padlocks

This game comes without classic padlocks and keys, but lots of other types of puzzles. Who said there wasn’t lots of things to find, combine, use, or even open!

advanced effects

Lots of light, some well-chosen darkness, and a ton of crazy gadgets.

thematical puzzles

Fascinating and innovative tasks, completely thematic and immersive.

story telling

Find out about the exciting backstory while solving tricky puzzles.

spacious game area

accommodating for groups of up to 7 players.

available in english

You can book this room escape in english, so just let us know when booking and we set everything up for you.

The Science Fiction Escape Room in Cologne


A strange journalist, called „the traveller”, lives in a tiny back room of a small Cologne school. Well, actually she hardly lives there, because most of the time she is on a journey.

During her long voyages she encountered something that horrified her: people disappear. Everywhere. Just as if they had never existed. No one seems to notice. But she is sure – sooner or later the whole world is in danger! What is the root of this effect, or, who is doing this?

The traveller herself took great risks to figure this out – but from her last journey she did not return. However a faint signal, a message of her, made its way back home to Cologne...

Can somebody decipher it?

Your Mission:

When you enter her little apartment in Cologne, you hear unusual sounds, there’s electricity in the air, and a strange tension around. You have just arrived when you find the traveller’s research notes and discoveries.

Can you finish her work, and save the world from the dark power? Will you be able to find your way out and save yourselves to help humankind? Time is running...

Pick up the traces of the traveller and save the people oft he world!

Picture from the rooms - an adventure with a rich backstory A peek into an empty escape room

Game Concept

When we built our second room in late 2018, we decided to do without any padlocks, which were typical for most escape room games. We thought it would not really go well with a science fiction setting. So we thought of other ways to provide you with a bunch of exciting tasks and some real brain burner puzzles. We will give you lots of freedom in how to discover the game. Most of the time there will be more than one challenge you could be working on. This way, the game can host teams of up to 7 players.


We wanted to put even more focus on story, so you will encounter a rich story line and varied sets to interact with. So if you want a few minutes of time out from all the discovering and decrypting, the room itself will tell you a little story, we hope. As usual, there are no jump scares, rubber spiders, no being locked into the room, and in case it’s dark, you can just put the lights on. Any questions? Let us know!

Authors and Designers

Everything in this room has been designed by the Spybrain design team. All the sets and tasks have been built by us, in order to make it a real unit.

Can you save humankind?

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